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Michael Edson, M.S., L.Ac., Licensed Acupuncturist

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Frozen Neck, Impaired Circulation to the Feet

My introduction to acupuncture and Michael Edson was thru a medical specialist who had been treating me for over a year for a painful stiff neck, frozen in the forward position. A year of physical therapy, and the strongest painkillers made no impact.

Much to my surprise, the first acupunture treatment gave me some relief, and the second allowed me to turn my head almost normally. I continued treatments and one day Michael remarked that my neck was tighter than usual, and asked why I was so tense. I explained that on my husband's last visit to the vascular specialist he was told that there was no more they could do for the lack of circulation to his feet, so the next step would be to remove his legs below the knees. Michael asked "do you want me to see what I can do?"

Steve received his first treatment on a Friday. The following Wednesday morning he woke and said "my feet, they're warm" (his feet has been continuously cold, purple and very swollen for years).

Steve continued treatment, and continued walking on those legs for two more years, until he passed away at 86 years old, of a heart condition.

Now, at my first sign of a medical problem I think of acupuncture first.

--- Libby, Clintondale, N.Y. - January 11, 2008 ---

Vitreous Detachment, Flashes and Floaters

I am writing this testimonial because I am so grateful for the help that I have received from Michael Edson, my acupuncturist and supplement consultant at Natural Eye Care and because I feel compelled to share my story so that noone else will experience posterior vitreous detachment and feel that "they have to live with it."

At 59 years of age, I still have 20-20 vision and am the only one of my friends who can read the menu in a restaurant without glasses. You can imagine my surprise when, out of the blue, on April 10,2007, while accompanying my husband to a major retail store on an errand, I experienced what I can only describe as "star wars" in my right eye.

I happened to glance over to the right aisle where there was a ver y bright, defective, overhead fluorescent light flashing erratically. At that moment, I must have flinched and after that I literally saw a whole bunch of flashing in my right eye. I knew something was wrong but I couldn't even guess what it was. After leaving the store, the flashing subsided but then I was seeing what is called a "floater", another thing that I had never experienced before.

The situation continued for the next 9 days, day and night. I kept waiting for it to go away. It didn't. As a matter of fact, as the days went on, the floaters increased a lot - in all types of light - bright sunlight, overhead lights, twilight, whatever. The floaters were always there and in addition, I was experiencing the flashing all the time - in the dark of night, when I leaned over to pick something up - all of the time. It was scaring me and I had to do something. Truth is - I was afraid to go to the eye doctor because I was afraid of what I would find out.

On the 9th day, I went online at work and found www.naturaleyecare.com - I called right away and spoke to Michael Edson. I had experienced the benefits of acupuncture before and I know is it helpful and it made sense to go to an acupuncturist who specialized in eye problems.

Mike was great - he agreed to see me that night, a Thursday. I could'nt bear the thought of going through another weekend without some kind of relief from the spiraling nightmare.

That night, experiencing fear and panic, I told Mike my story and he reassured me that acupuncture could be helpful and also gave me specific natural supplements that could help strengthen the eyes. He suggested that my symptoms may possibly be a vitreous tear or detachment and insisted that I agree to make an appointment with an eye doctor immediately to rule out a serious problem such as a detached retina, etc., and to confirm what I had or did not have.

After the acupuncture, I felt immediate relief from my panic and much more in control, thinking that there was a way to deal with this thing I had.

I was able to see the eye doctor the next day and he diagnosed my conditions as a "posterior vitreous detachment", as well as 20-20 vision. He said that it is something that can happen to nearsighted people and that it is something that is part of aging. Basically, the doctor said "Don't worry - it's a normal part of aging. " Well, it didn't feel normal to me and I wanted it to be GONE!

I told the doctor that I had seen an acupuncturist and showed him the supplements. He said that he thought acupuncture can be helpful and the supplements had excellent active ingredients. Basically, he had nothing to offer to help this condition but at least he showed approval for the course of action that I was taking - acupuncture and the supplements.

Mike is very calm and low key and basically left it up to me as to how often I would come for acupuncture, suggesting though at least coming once a week to begin with. The "event" happened in April 10, 2007. I saw Mike first on April 19th. I chose and was able to have acupuncture every week through August because I wanted to "hit it hard".

As of September, I am going for acupuncture every two weeks. I have been taking the supplements twice a day, since day one.

This is what I have experienced:

  • Each week, after acupuncture, I felt a gradual improvement of my condition but still, it was on my mind all of the time.
  • I did notice that in addition to an improvement in my eye, that my skin was looking better and feeling more supple. I knew that it wasn't my imagination. I mentioned it to Mike and he said that is was probably the result of taking the fish oil supplement - the first fish oil supplement that doesn't give me indigestion.
  • Mike spends time before and after acupuncture, getting details about my condition or any other concerns that I have and answering questions I may have - very helpful.
  • At this point, the flashes have become infrequent - maybe twice a week, if that.
  • The floaters have diminished to the point where I hardly see them. And in most light, including fluorescent light, I usually don't see them at all.
  • Each week the condition has continue to improve - it really has been a steady process of improvement.
  • Today, October 27, 2007, as I sit at my computer writing this letter, a little over 6 months after the first experience, I feel normal. I don't wake up with it on my mind anymore and I feel like myself again.

To be honest, I actually feel really healthy and in control of this condition. I look forward to my acupuncture sessions every other week in addition to helping to diminish this eye condition and eventually to make it go away. I really feel that it has helped my overall health and sense of well-being, including reducing and then eradicating the symptoms of my late onset menopause, something I had not anticipated.

I have not met anyone who has suffered through this eye condition but I feel conscious bound as a caring individual to share my story so that someone else can benefit from the help that is available to alleviate and eventually eradicate it. I am very grateful to Mike Edson and naturaleyecare for helping me through this journey.

--- Nancy - Westchester County, New York - October 27, 2007 ---

Foot Neuropathy

I have neuropathy in my feet as a residual effect of chemotherapy. I have been receiving acupuncture treatments with Michael Edson for about 19 months. It is virtually painless, and it is the only treatment I have tried that actually improved the sensation in my feet. I not only have better sensation, but I have improved to the point where I can wear a closed shoe with a thin sock, something I could not tolerate before treatment. I continue to go for treatments about once every 4-6 weeks to maintain my level of recovery. I would highly recommend acupuncture for peripheral neuropathy.

--- G.B., New York - October 27, 2007 ---

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